Geo Location Capture on Sales Orders

In Pepperi it is possible to capture Geo Location reference for Longitude and Latitude against Sales Orders. Geo location data can also be captured for activities too.

Setup Geo Capture for Sales Orders

1. From the Pepperi Back Office > Settings > Sales Activities > Transaction Types > Sales Order > Click the pencil to Edit.


2. From the Fields tab, under Transaction Fields, click the + next to the Transaction Submission Latitude and Longitude fields to enable them (if they appear greyed out).


3. From the Workflow subtab, click the pencil between In Creation and Submitted. 


4. Click Add for Actions and Branches.


5. Select Capture Geolocation.


6. Fill in the fields as per the below and click Save.


Perform a test Sales Order. Geolocation data will be captured automatically during order submission as per workflow action.

Navigate to Dashboards > Sales. Your latest Sales Order will now appear on the map as per captured Geolocation data.






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