Statement is locked

Statement stuck in processing

Usually occurs after saving, the green information bar at the top of the page says statement is processing.  This message never goes away.

To unlock it you must: 

  1. Go to Customisation > Scripts 
  2. Set the bundle filter to 100401
  3. Search for BS SL Unlock Statements.js.
  4. Open this record and press deployments and click on the url.
  5. Now you will see possible statements that are locked.
  6. To unlock it select the check box and submit.
  7. You statement is now unlocked. 
  8. Check if the lines are processed or resubmit the statement.


The statement needs to be unlocked. 

  1. Type BS SL Unlock Statements into the global search
  2. Open the link Page: BS SL Unlock Statements
    1. Hint: you may like to create a shortcut to this
    2. Hint: if the link doesn’t appear immediately delete the last character and type a space
  3. Mark the statement
  4. Submit
  5. Success the statement has been unlocked
  6. Return to Transactions > Bank Reconciliation > Statement List


  • Too many matching options are set in the bank configuration.
  • Eg turning off match counterparty because we usually don’t have a counterparty column.


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