Importing statements

Importing Statements

Bank statements should be loaded daily in order to create the customer payments. Credit Card statements are best loaded either weekly or monthly depending on the volume. 

To download a single bank account file:

  1. Download the file from your bank for the date range to be reconciled and save as a CSV file
  2. Transactions > Bank Reconciliation > Import Statements
  3. Select the Bank Account
  4. Click Choose file, select your file & click Open
  5. Click Submit

The file will then load and attempt to start matching transactions. You can now start matching or Save to complete later.

Errors When Importing

Nearly all errors will be date or header related.

  1. Open the bank file in Excel
  2. Identify the date format and how many header rows there are in the file (if any)
  3. View the Bank Account Configuration via Setup > Bank Reconciliation > Bank Account Configuration
  4. Check the date format field and the date column number (remember the first column is always column zero not column one)
  5. Check the settings for File Has Header Row and Number of Header Rows.
  6. Save any changes
  7. Re-load the file
  8. If still unsuccessful check all column mappings and settings in the Bank Account Configuration.

Credit Card Dates

Often Credit Cards will download the statement period regardless of the date range selected.  In this case remove the unwanted dates from the CSV file by deleting the rows prior to importing.


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