Reconciliation Report

Reconciliation Report

To run the Reconciliation Report, navigate to:

Transactions > Bank Reconciliation > Reconciliation Report

Select a bank account and statement date.

Detailed Reconciliation Report

As the ERPFF bank rec report has limited information we can use the standard bank rec report to get more detailed information as it shows all reconciled / unreconciled transactions at the end of a period.

Navigate to Transactions > Bank > Reconcile Bank Statement:

1. Select the bank account

2. Enter the date for the end of the period

3. Enter the bank statement ending balance (ie the balance at the end of the statement period selected in step 2.)

4. Mark all Deposits

5. Mark all Payments

6. Check for a difference

Note: If there is a difference identify any uncleared transactions and unmark these

7. Save & Print


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