Payroll Matching

Matching Payroll Journals

Payroll can be run via the JCurve Payroll module or externally and then entered as a journal.  Either way there must be a separate journal for each of the employee payments in the bank statement. When matching the bank statement the payroll journal should be matched not created. If you are creating a payroll journal it is an indication your payrun is incomplete.

Payroll Run in JCurve

Preferred Method of Payment

Use a single ABA file and load this file to the bank, when paying the payrun select all employees to be paid at once. Not only is it a single step solution it avoids errors with wrong payment amounts.

 The bank rec will now automatically matc.

Alternate Manual Payment Method

When paying the payrun only select the employees that are grouped together on the bank statement as one payment. If you have 5 employees and pay each one manually via online banking then you need to mark the employees one at a time and then Pay the payrun for that employee. Repeat for each bank statement line.

 The bank rec will now automatically match.

Payroll Run Outside of JCurve

In this case JCurve will just have a journal to represent the payroll.  This journal should credit a clearing account NOT the bank account.  The bank statement line then requires a new journal line against the clearing account. After the bank rec is complete, check the clearing account has a zero balance.

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