Lines to Process

Unmatched Transactions / Lines to Process

A bank statement does not have to be completed to save it. For example, you could load the statement at the beginning of the day to identify new customer payments then save it and complete the credit charges later.

Any unmatched lines will be identified by a blank Select value. These can be seen and matched from Lines to Process.

Matched Lines Remaining in Lines to Process

If after selecting save the matched line remains in lines to process this indicates an error with the transaction. View the Statement for this transaction and review the error message for this line.  Edit the statement to correct the error and save again. Check the error has gone upon saving.

Multiple Users Processing in Lines to Process

Unlike processing from the bank statement the lines to process does not lock the transaction from other users (or one user with multiple tabs open). If there are multiple users processing remaining lines for the same bank statement it should be done via the statement itself to avoid errors.



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