Create a Tax Pay Component

In JCurve Payroll, tax is calculated based on the fields and scale set on the Tax Info tab.

If you have a requirement to override the system calculated tax, you can create a tax pay component to add an additional fixed amount or use “is percentage” to override the scale and apply a flat rate to that employees tax calculation.

Navigate to the Employee record > Payroll subtab and click Create Tax button.

Set up your Manual PAYG Tax Pay Component.

1. Select Manual PAYG.

2. Enter the Rate for the OUM. eg. the below example is the weekly salary amount.

3. If you want the Tax to be a calculated as a percentage tick this box.

4. Enter Percentage amount if applicable.

5. Select your Payee. eg. ATO.

6. Select your Balance Sheet Account.

7. Click Save.

Now run a test payrun to ensure tax is being calculated correctly.

Note: The Start Date for the pay component must be on or before the date of your payrun period. Otherwise your new pay component will not be picked up by the payrun.



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