Credit Hold field missing on Customer Record

You might have an instance where the Credit hold field is not shown on the customer record, even though the fields are marked as Show in the Form template.

The Hold field is dependent on the Customer Credit Limit Handling preference of the user.

1) Navigate to Home > Set Preferences > Transactions tab > Customer Credit Limit Handling preference.
2) Users are given three options - Ignore, Warn Only and Enforce Holds.
3) Set the preference to Warn Only or Enforce Holds for the Hold field to display on the customer record.
4) Save. 

Upon refreshing the Customer record, you will see the Credit Hold Field now. 
And if this scenario is happening only on a specific role,

1. Navigate to Setup > Users/Roles > Manage Roles.
2. Edit the role in question.
3. Click the Preferences tab.
4. Just make sure that if there is a {Customer} Credit Limit Handling , please select Warn Only or Enforce Holds and click Set.
6. Click Save.

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