Add Display and Thumbnail Images to Items Using CSV Import

Users wanting to associate multiple images with item records may use the Internal ID of the Item and the Internal ID of the image as saved in the File Cabinet.

Please note that the images need to be uploaded first in the File Cabinet before they can be associated with item records.

Export Internal ID of Images in the File Cabinet

CSV File should contain the following column headings with relevant data:

  • Enter Item Internal ID
  • Enter Item Display Image Internal ID 
  • Enter Item Display Thumbnail Internal ID
  • Enter Item Tax Code 

Importing CSV File:

  • Navigate to Setup > Import/Export > Import CSV Records
  • Import Type = Items
  • Record Type =  Select any item type as necessary  
  • Character Encoding = Western (Windows 1252)
  • One File to Upload > Select File
  • Click Next
  • Data Handling = Update

Field Mapping:

  • Item Name = Item : Internal ID
  • Item Display Image = Item : Item Display Image (Click Pencil Icon and set Choose Reference Type to Internal ID).
  • Item Display Thumbnail = Item : Item Display Thumbnail (Click Pencil Icon and set Choose Reference Type to Internal ID).
  • Tax Code = Item : Tax Code


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