Emails sent from Netsuite gets rejected by email servers

Certain emails, sent out of JCurve can get rejected by some of your Clients / Customers / Suppliers email software.

This is because certain email security policies are stricter than others. As such, there are certain Email Security Policies that incorrectly reject JCurve emails.

When you send emails out of JCurve, the FROM address is changed from a user email to a system-specific email address, so that replies to the email can also be routed back through the system and attached to records. It then emails the user in the FROM address as you would expect.

To reduce the possibility of SPAM, some Email Security policies use a rule that says 'if the From address is not the same as the Reply-To address', process it as SPAM.

Generally, this is good advice and for the most part, we don't see the SPAM.

It does mean your customers will not know that emails are being rejected, as it is safer and easier for an Email Administrator to just block emails and not send them on to you anyway for verification.

In this instance, you will want to ask the customer to approach their Email Administrator and put in a certain rule that says 'Emails from are safe'.

You could quote the following request 'Please add the domain to their email white-list'.

Secondly, the use of SPF records help to accurately identify NetSuite as the sender to email recipients.

Netsuite's SPF record is updated when changes are made and is what is considered the best source of truth for where NetSuite email comes from. The current IP address ranges for email are:
They must have the SPF record set up correctly and published with your domain provider. Verify the SPF record contains “include:”.

Please ask your Customer and or Vendors to add the above IP address into their SPF records.

Once this has been configured and confirmed, you can resend the email and ask if they've received it.

Not all Customers will have the same Email Security policies, which is why some customers receive emails while others don't.

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