Show and print Custom Field with dollar Symbol

Scenario: You have created a custom field which can be set to print on invoice and sales order forms; however, the field displays the currency value only without a currency symbol.

Below are the steps to insert a currency symbol before the actual balance amount on invoices and sales orders:

1. Navigate to Customization > Lists, Records, & Fields > Transaction Body Fields > New or you can Edit the existing body field.
2. Provide a label.
3. Set Type to Free-Form Text.
4. Unmark the Store Value checkbox field.
5. Click the Validation & Defaulting tab and insert this expression on the Default Value field: TO_CHAR({balance},'$999,999,999.99')

6. Make sure the Formula checkbox is checked.
7. Click Save & Apply to Forms.
8. Make sure all Show checkboxes are unchecked.
9. Mark the Print checkbox corresponding to the forms being used in your account.
10. Click Save.

If you refresh your transaction / record, you would notice the field with the dollar symbol


And the same will be reflected on your output PDF


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