Images in Marketing Emails Best Practice

Sometimes Outlook will not respect particular industry standard html tags to resize an image. This is not a JCurve issue, but rather the way Outlook chooses to display images. 

Note: If the images are viewed in other mail platforms, such as Gmail they will display correctly.

Outlook will not respect the below HTML code.

"<img alt="" src="" style="float: right; width: 200px; height: 133px;" />"

Try using the below HTML instead.

"<img alt="" src="" style="float: right;" width="200" height="133" />"

It is important to note that both references shown here are Industry Standard. It just so happens that Outlook doesn't honour one of them the same way, which is why everything may appear fine for all browsers and all other Email Client Apps.

The alternative to using the above notation is simply to ensure all images are saved as the correct image size so that we don't have to rely on the template stylesheet formatting to resize the images. The added benefit of doing it this way is the email can load faster, because it doesn't have to download large images and resize them.

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