How to Transfer between Bank Accounts

JCurve enables you to perform two types of bank transfers. A transfer is a movement of funds from one bank account to another bank account. This also includes bank accounts for petty cash.

You can transfer funds between two bank accounts if they share the same currency, and you can transfer funds between a base currency bank account to any foreign currency bank account.

To enter a funds transfer:

  1. Go to Transactions > Bank > Transfer Funds.

  2. In the From Account field, select the source account containing the funds that you want to transfer.

    The balance of this account appear next to the From Account field.

  3. In the To Account field, select the target account to receive the funds.

    The balance of this account appears next to the To Account field.

  4. Select the posting period for this transfer.

    Note: The period must be an open period.

  5. Accept or select the date in the Date field.

  6. In the top Amount field, enter the amount of funds, in the account's currency, to be transferred from the account identified in the From Account field.

    The second Amount field displays the amount to be transferred into the account identified in the To Account field, after currency translation.

  7. Enter an optional memo.

  8. Enter a department, class, or location if appropriate.

  9. Click Save.

Note: The transfer is complete and the balances for the bank accounts automatically update. To view transfer records navigate to: Transactions > Bank > Transfer Funds > List.


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