Support Process (Or "What happens once my job is logged?")

As much as we would love to respond to every ticket as soon as it arrives in our system, unfortunately this cannot always be achieved.


The following could be reasons as to why we have a delayed response:

  • We may already be talking to other customers about their requests
  • It may be outside of normal business hours
  • We may be trying to replicate your issue before we contact you
  • We may be working a solution with the well-defined information already provided to us.


Having said that we will do our best to always be in contact with you within the first few hours of a ticket being logged, even if it's just to let you know that we are indeed looking into your request.



Once a ticket arrives in our system here are a few of the things that happen:


  1. We triage the ticket:

 This involves checking the information provided to make sure that we can get the most accurate resolution to the request


  1. We talk amongst ourselves:

 This is how we share knowledge and train ourselves for things that some of us may not have seen before. We push each other to ask new questions and ensure that we have all angles covered.


  1. We replicate the issue:

Using our own test systems, we will attempt to replicate what you are experiencing. This may be to solve a problem or could be just testing the steps on how to do something to ensure we are giving you the most accurate information.


  1. We talk to other Technical/Services teams:

This may involve talking to NetSuite, talking to Account Managers, talking to our Professional Services Team about the ticket.


  1. We contact you:

 This may be for the purposes of finding out more information, or this may be providing you with a solution.

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