How to export Credit Card Details

The following article demonstrates how to create a saved search to export credit card details.
1. Go to Reports > Saved Searches > All Saved Searches > New 
2. Click Customer.
3. Enter a Search Title.
4. Under the Criteria > Standard tab enter:
  •     Credit Card Number = Is True
5. Under the Results > Columns tab enter:
  •    ID
  •     Name
  •     Credit Cardholder Name
  •     Credit Card Number
  •     CC Expire Date
  •     Credit Card Processor
  •     Credit Card Type

6. Click Save & Run.              

Note: To see unmasked credit card details you will need to request this from NetSuite Support. 
Once the unmasked credit card details permission has been added to your account by NetSuite, you can assign it to specific employees. 
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