Reinstating a terminated employee

After an employee has been terminated via Payroll, it is possible to reinstate or un-terminate them by making a few adjustments to specific fields on their employee record. 

Note: If the employee record has been marked inactive follow this article.

Navigate to the employee record you want to reinstate:

1. Go to Lists.

2. Select Employees

3. Click Employees

4. Click Edit next to the employee you want to reinstate.

5. Ensure the Custom Form is set to JCurve Payroll Employee Form.

6. Select Payroll subtab.

7. Set a value for Payroll Employment Status. eg. Full Time, Part Time.

8. Set a value for Pay Frequency. eg. Weekly, Fortnightly, Monthly

9. Select Pay Component subtab. Review all Pay Components that are listed.

Note: For a Pay Component to be active, ensure the following is met:

  • End Date must be blank. 
  • Current should be set to Yes

10. Ensure there is no End Date set.

Note: If you do not want the pay component to be active you can set an End Date. 

11. Current should be set to Yes if you want the pay component to be active. If you do not want the pay component to be active you can set Current to No.

12. Click Edit if you need to make changes to a specific pay component. Once you have made changes to the pay component then click Save. 

 13. Select Human Resources subtab.

14. Termination Date should be empty. 

15. Click Save


Note: If you need to give your employee access back to JCurve please follow this article



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