Webinar – Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Our webinar on CRM (Customer Relationship Management) is accessible below, with information from the presentation included in this article.

Please see below for the webinar recording, or continue as follows for an outline of the content from 12-08-15.

If you're having trouble accessing YouTube, you can alternately view the Vimeo link for this webinar. The agenda for this webinar includes:

  •   CRM – Customer Relationship Management
  •   Today’s training - CRM provides transparency of customer activity across your business
  •   Choose your role - Sales Person
  •   Working with new leads
  •   Enter your data - customers and contacts
  •   Create and follow up - change Leads to Prospects, then create Opportunities & Quotes
  •   Simplify your sales process - email templates
  •   Making the most of CRM activities – phone calls, emails, notes
  •   Reports - pipeline by Sales Rep, Open Quotes, Current Opportunities

Some of the outcomes of the webinar will be:

  •   Improved follow up processes
  •   Better customer service
  •   Ability to know your sales pipeline every day
  •   More accurate reporting for sales managers
  •   Increased revenue for your business
  •   Higher income for you, through increased commissions

A future webinar on advanced CRM functionality is also planned.

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