System Notes

Many records within JCurve ERP or NetSuite contain a System Notes tab, which tracks changes made to the record.

To view changes made to a record:

1. Look for the System Notes tab on the record.

2. The Date column will provide a date / time stamp of when the change was made.

3. The Set By column displays the name of whoever made the change. This is taken from the user's employee record first and last name.

4. The Type will confirm what type of change was made, e.g. the creation of a record, or setting a a field from an old to new value (making a change).

5. The Field is the name of the field from the record which was actually changed. In the case of record creations, it will be displayed as Record.

6. The Old Value contains a record of the field value before a change was made. If the field did not contain any information, it the Old Value will be blank.

7. The New Value contains a record of the field value after a change was made.


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