Setting Up Advanced Promotions

Advanced Promotions allow you to create tiered promotions that offer discounts depending on which tier an order qualifies for. Tiers can be based on the number of items sold as well as on item or order totals.

Installing the Advanced Promotions Bundle

1. Go to the Setup drop down.

2. Go to Company.

3. Select Enable Features.

4. Go to the Transactions sub-tab.

5. Tick the Promotion Codes option.

6. Save your changes.

7. Go through the same above steps to access the Transactions sub-tab again, but this time click the Advanced Promotions link.


Copy and paste the below link into your browser (within the same window as your JCurve session):

This step is necessary to activate the plugins. You will then see the following screen:

1. Tick the advanced promotion types you would like to enable.

2. Click Save.


1. Go to the Lists drop down.

2. Go to Marketing.

3. Go to Promotions.

4. Click on New.

5. You can now select from the additional advanced promotion types. advanced-promotions-03  

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