Setting up Token Based Authentication (TBA)

Follow the below article to setup Token Based Authentication (TBA) in JCurve.  

Enable TBA Feature 

1. Navigate to Setup > Company > Enable Features > SuiteCloud.

2. Check Web Services.

3. Check Token-Based Authentication.

4. Click Save.


Token-based Authentication Permissions 

The following Token Based Authentication permissions can be added to roles as appropriate:

  • Access Token Management

    Users with this permission can create, assign, and manage tokens for any user in the company.

  • User Access Tokens

    Users with this permission can manage their own tokens using the Manage Access Tokens link in the Settings portlet, and they can log in using a token.

  • Log in using Access Tokens

    Users with only this permission can log in using a token, that is, they can to use tokens to call a RESTlet.

    Users with only this permission cannot manage tokens or access pages where tokens are managed.

To create a new role that has Token access

Navigate to Setup > Users/Roles > Manage Roles > New

1. Only tick this box if you want to create a web services only role. This means you cannot login via the User Interface using this role. Note: You can always make the role a web services only role at a later date. 

2. Click Permissions.

3. Click Setup.

4. Add the following permissions.

  • Access Token Management

  • User Access Tokens

  • Log in using Access Tokens

Note: Add any additional permissions the role will require. eg. Lists > Vendors. 

5. Click Save.

Assigning Users to Token-based Authentication Roles 

After modifying roles with the appropriate Token Based Authentication permissions, an account administrator can assign users to those roles. Please follow the below article for the procedure of how to assign a role to an existing employee.

Giving access to a user in JCurve

Creating Applications for Token Based Authentication 

Account administrators must create applications for use with Token Based Authentication before tokens can be created and assigned to users. 

  1. Go to Setup

  2. Select Integration.

  3. Select Manage Integrations.

  4. Select New.

  5. Enter a Name for your application.

  6. The application State is Enabled by default.

  7. Select the Authentication subtab.

  8. Check the Token-based Authentication box on the Authentication subtab.

  9. Click Save.


 Note: After you click Save, you will be shown the Consumer Key and Consumer Secret. For security reasons this is the only time they will be shown.

To create and assign a TBA token:

Log in as a user with the Access Token Management permission.

1. Go to Setup

2. Select Users/Roles.

3. Select Access Tokens.

4. Click New.

5. Select the Application Name.

6. Select the User.

7. Select the Role.

8. The Token Name is already populated by default with a concatenation of Application Name, User, and Role. Enter your own name for this token, if desired.

9. Click Save.

The confirmation page displays the Token ID and Token Secret. For security reasons this is the only time they will be shown.



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