Support Advice - Troubleshooting Tips

The basics

When it comes to solving your request, there are some basic questions that any support team will ask

  • This is really to document the exact steps you have taken to get where you are. This isn't looking at what you were trying to achieve, and it isn't looking at the errors that may have occurred.
  • This is where we find out what it was you were intending to do. This is get an understanding of the goal. This will give us an idea of whether of not the steps you were taking were the correct steps or even to see if there is a better way the same goal can be achieved.
  • This is where we find out the result that actually occurred. This is likely not the outcome you expected. This could be just a difference in result, or could even be an error message.
  • Often the error message will tell you exactly what the problem is. It might let you know that you are missing a value that is required, it might tell you that you have entered the wrong type of data (e.g. words where a number is required), at other times it may be a little more cryptic.
  • Providing the exact error message to the support team is a great step in getting your request resolved faster.
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