Submiting a new ticket

In the top right hand corner of your browser window, you will find the option to “Submit a Request”. This has the same end result as emailing support (that is, we find out about your issue) but with a few bonus features.


When submitting a request, always try and be clear and concise.


If you have logged a previous request for the same topic, first check if the existing ticket is still open or in a solved state. Create a follow up from a close request only if it is the same issue.


    1. Subject: The subject should be a clear description that in 15 words of less gives a basic understanding of the problem (e.g. “Unable to run Payroll for a single user”, “Cost of Sales report is bringing in erroneous data”, “Require assistance in understanding what the Chart of Accounts is”)
    2. Description: The description should contain a full view of the issue. This should include what you were trying to achieve, what steps have been attempted, what the actual result was (as opposed to the expected result), what is the impact of this not performing as expected, and how quickly will this cause a negative effect to your business.
    3. Attachments: Add any relevant files that will assist with the explanation or resolution of your request. This might include screenshots, CSV files or PDFs.
    4. Submit: Click the submit button to ensure the request comes to support.
Did this help? If not, try contacting us Submit a request