Importing Bank Data

You can import your banking data into JCurve and reconcile this with your financial record.

Downloading Your QIF File

You will need to go into your banking application (outside of JCurve) and download your banking data QIF file.

Import the QIF File Into JCurve

1. Go to Transactions.

2. Go to Bank.

3. Select Import Online Banking Data.

1. Use the Choose File button to select your QIF file.

2. Select the Account to be used for the import.

3. Click Submit.

1. The successful and matching transactions will be confirmed here.

2. Click OK to continue.

Matched Transactions

1. The system will now show you which transactions were matched.

2. You will also have the option to find the matching transactions for any unmatched items. Click on the Find Charge link to do this.

If there are no matching transactions, as in the below example, you will be able to create the matching transaction in JCurve.

To create a matching transaction:

1. Go to the New Charges tab.

2. Enter the transaction details.

3. Click Save.

The newly created transaction will now appear as matched, as per the below example. All transactions that are matched will be marked in the system as Cleared. You are now ready to do the reconciliation.

Bank Reconciliation

To perform your bank reconciliation:

1. Go to Transactions.

2. Go to Bank.

3. Select Reconcile Bank Statement.

1. The transactions available to reconcile are listed as Cleared.

2. Ensure the checkbox is ticked for all transactions you wish to reconcile.

3. Click Save.

This now completes the reconciliation process between your imported bank data and your JCurve data.

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