Creating a Saved Search

Saved searches will allow to you specify the types of records from which you want to extract data, which fields of data you want to see and how this is presented.

To set up your initial saved search:

1. Go to the Reports drop down

2. Go to Saved Searches

3. Go to All Saved Searches

4. Select New

5. Select the type of records you would like included in your saved search, eg. “Transaction” records

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1. Enter a custom title for your saved search (if you need to access it in future, it will be listed under this title in the “All Saved Searches” menu option)

2. Go to the Criteria tab

3. Select your filters, which will narrow your saved search results, e.g. you may like to filter your results by transactions after a certain date.

Note: The filters will look at all fields on the particular record you’re referring to. Additional filter options can be found at the bottom of the drop down box, referencing the particular transaction’s sub-tab and related record fields. e.g. Selecting “Purchase Order Fields…” would provide a secondary pop up box with all PO related fields to choose from.

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1. Go to the Results tab

2. You can specify by which fields your saved search results will be sorted

3. You can use the Remove All button to remove the default results fields and start afresh

4. Add any new fields by using the drop down box here

5. Click the Add button after adding any new fields

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Save and run the search when you’re ready, to see the output screen with all your saved search results listed.

1. You can export your results in CSV, Excel or PDF formats.

2. If you have a lot of results, you may see an option here to go to the next page of results when viewing on-screen.


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