Advanced PDF Transactions - Adding an Image

One of the advantages of using Advanced PDF templates is that they allow you to add multiple images to them. Whereas using the standard transaction form PDF layouts you are limited to only one image. Eg. Your Company Logo.
Note: You should only customize Advanced PDF templates if you are proficient in CSS and HTML. JCurve do not provide support or training with CSS or HTML coding and this is not covered under any support agreement.

To enable the Advanced PDF Transaction functionality:

Go to Setup > Company > Enable Features.

1. Tick the Advanced PDF/HTML Templates option.

2. Click Save.

Upload any images you want displayed on your template by going to Documents > Files > File Cabinet. Note: You can upload your images to the Images folder.

Next, customize your Advanced PDF Template.

1. Go to Customization

2. Select Forms.

3. Click Advanced PDF/HTML Templates.

4. Click Edit.

In What You See Is What You Get (WYSIWYG) mode, cursor down to where you would like the image to appear and then:

1. Click the Add Image icon.

2. Paste in the URL for the image which uploaded into the file cabinet previously.

Note: to get the URL, go back into Documents -> Files -> File Cabinet, click on the Edit link next to the file name and copy the “…” URL.

3. Set your image dimensions.

4. Click Ok.

5. Click Save.

6. You should now see your image on the Advanced PDF template.

Note: The Source Editing function can also be used to view your CSS and HTML code. As a best practice, you can copy the code from here and paste it in an external editor. Make your changes outside of JCurve and then paste the updated code back in JCurve. 

Please see an example Advanced PDF Invoice below with a company logo added.


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