Financial Data Exports

In the event that you want to discontinue use of the JCurve product, this article provides a general guide as to the types of reports you may want to consider running and exporting. You may want to consider additional or customised reports depending on your system usage.

Profit and Loss Report by Financial Year with Periods

Reports -> Financial -> Profit and Loss. You may want to view the period data, which can be done as follows:

1. Select the financial period.

2. Select Accounting Period from the Column drop down.

3. Click the Refresh button.

4. Your period data will be shown in the columns against the financial year results.

5. Use the Export button to download your data.



Current Balance Sheet Report

Reports -> Financial -> Balance Sheet

You may again want to add the Accounting Periods data, as shown above.


Inventory Valuation Report

Reports -> Inventory / Items -> Inventory Valuation Report


AP Aging

Reports -> Vendors/Payables -> A/P Aging -> Detail


AR Aging

Reports -> Customers/Receivables -> A/P Aging -> Detail


Payroll Accruals by Employee

– Change over to a Payroll Admin role

– Search for the below reports:

PR-Employee Pay Summary

PR-PAYG Payment Summary Detail


Detailed Transaction Listing

Reports -> Financial -> Transaction Detail


GST Reports

Reports -> VAT/GST -> GST on Purchases

Reports -> Reports Overview -> (Saved Reports section) -> GST on Sales Summary – Accrual


Asset Listings

If using Asset Listings, you can also export a detailed view of:

Asset Listing -> Asset Listing Overview -> (Asset Listing section) -> Asset Listing

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