Accessing the Release Preview

When is the Release Preview account available?

From your Home Dashboard, locate the New Release portlet. Under the Your New Release Dates, you can see the date your release preview account will become available to you.



How do I access Release Preview?

Once your Release Preview account is available, from your production account Role selection drop down on the right hand side, you can select your release preview environment.



Once you have selected a Release Preview environment,  you will see RELEASE PREVIEW on the top of your screen. This is how you can identify you are in a Release Preview environment.



We recommend changing the colour theme of your Release Preview environment to make it obvious when you are logged in a Release Preview environment. 

Navigate to Home > Set Preferences > Appearance > Color Theme > Set a new color theme and Save.

Now when you switch to your Release Preview environment you will see the color change. For example my production account color theme is blue and my release preview is pink.




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