Pick Pack and Ship

The Pick, Pack, and Ship feature allows greater flexibility to process and track the status of orders through the fulfillment and shipment processes. You use separate transactions to pick the items from inventory, pack the items to prepare them to be shipped, and then ship the items to their destination.

To enable the Pick, Pack and Ship feature:

1. Navigate to the Setup drop down.

2. Click Company.

3. Select Enable Features.

4. Click the Transactions sub tab.

5. Under Shipping & Receiving, place a check next to Pick, Pack and Ship.

6. Click Save.


When the Pick, Pack, and Ship feature is activated, orders are fulfilled in three stages: Fulfill Orders (Pick), Mark Orders Packed (Pack) and Mark Orders Shipped (Ship).

When you fulfill a order, you pick the items from inventory in the warehouse that you need to fill the order. Mark the order packed when you physically package them to be ready to ship. Finally, you mark orders shipped once the order is on the way to its destination.

You can track orders through each step of the fulfillment process. Possible statuses for a fulfillment are:

  • Picked – The items on the order have been picked from inventory and are waiting to be packed and shipped.This is a non-posting transaction.
  • Packed – The items on the order have been packed and are waiting to be shipped.This is a non-posting transaction.
  • Shipped – The items have been shipped out, and the order is completely fulfilled.This is a posting transaction.
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