Inventory Worksheet – Opening Balances

As part of your JCurve setup, you can import your inventory listing with opening balances of your stock. If you’ve already imported the item details as part of your setup, but not the stock levels, you can update this easily using the Inventory Worksheet.

Note: if you are using serialised or lot numbered inventory, you will need to use the Inventory Adjustment.

Inventory Adjustment will add stock values entered to any previous inventory count.

Inventory Worksheet will reset stock to the new values entered, regardless of any previous inventory count.

To update stock levels using the Inventory Worksheet:

  1. Go to Transactions
  2. Go to Inventory
  3. Select Adjust Inventory Worksheet
  4. From the Adjustment Account drop down listing, select 1202 – Inventory Opening Balance Clearing Account
  5. Select your Transaction Order
  6. Select the date of your inventory opening balances
  7. For each item, enter a New Qty and New Value
  8. Click the Save button


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