Renaming Inventory Item Fields

This article demonstrates how to change the name of fields within the inventory form.  This is a great way to ensure the terminology within your inventory remains relevant to your workplace and therefore removes any potential confusion amongst employees.

Establishing which Inventory Item Form is currently in use:

  1. Go to Lists
  2. Navigate to Accounting
  3. Select Items



Here you will find a list of all inventory items.

  1. Click Edit on any Inventory Item


  1. Take note of the Custom Form used


Customising the Inventory Item Form Field Names:

  1. Go to Customisation
  2. Navigate to Forms
  3. Then to Entry Forms
  4. Click Edit on the relevant Custom Form currently used (as per the above steps)

Note: Or if you’re using a non-editable form you’ll see the customise option instead, just be sure to rename your form and use that form moving forward for your Inventory Items.



Note: For the purpose of this example we will change the following fields – Item Display/Number and the Display Name fields

  1. Click the Fields subtab
  2. Locate the Item Display/Number line and move across to the Label field and change the name to Item Name
  3. Locate the Display Name line and move across to the Label field and change this to Item Code
  4. Click Save



Confirming the change has been made:

  1. Go to Lists
  2. Navigate to Accounting
  3. Click Items


  1. Select any Inventory Item



  1. Here you will see confirmation of the Field Name changes



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