IP Address Restriction

As an additional security feature, NetSuite allows you to restrict system access only to users who are logging in from the specified IP addresses. It is important to confirm the IP address information with your system administrators prior to making this change.

Enable IP Address Restrictions

Navigate to Setup > Company > Enable Features > Company and check IP Address Rules and click Save.


Configure Allowed IP Addresses

Navigate to Setup > Company > Company Information.

Under Allowed IP Addresses type ALL and click Save.

Note: This allows all IP Addresses. Now you can enforce IP restrictions for each employee. This is recommended as a best practice.


Note: There are additional configurations allowed as per the below but these settings will be enforced company wide. Please confirm IP Addresses and IP ranges with your system admin prior to making any changes.

  • A dotted decimal IP address such as 123.456.78.90
  • A range of IP addresses entered in dotted decimal with a dash and no spaces between such as 123.45.567.8-123.45.568.9
  • A list of IP address separated by spaces or commas such as 123.456.78.90, 123.546.768.97, . . .
  • An IP address and mask, such as

Restrict Specific Employees

Navigate to Lists > Employees > Employees and edit an employee record.

Navigate to Access tab and uncheck Inherit IP Rules From Company.

Under IP Address Restrictions enter in the IP Addresses the employee will be restricted to and click Save.





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