Personalize Home Dashboard

Want to view all your vital business information in one place? Then customize your Home Dashboard.

Get real time visibility on bank balances, sales, upcoming bills, profitability and key performance indicator’s (KPIs).

By personalizing your Home dashboard you will be able to achieve the following & more:

  • See an overview of performance scorecards, trend graphs, and report snapshots.
  • Create shortcuts to quickly access essential reports and data.
  • Include reminders, tasks and events on your dashboard so you don’t miss a thing.

Dashboard content is displayed in a variety of dynamic data display windows (called portlets). Some portlets provide direct access to raw data, while others display data that has been synthesized into critical business metrics, such as key performance indicators (KPIs), performance scorecards, trend graphs, and report snapshots. Other portlets allow you to display data from Web site RSS feeds.

Note: JCurve is role and permission based, so you will only be able to view information that is relevant to your role.

To add a new portlet to your dashboard follow the below example:

1. Go to the Home Page

2. Click Personalize

3. The Add Content window will now appear

4. Click Report Snapshots

5. Click any of the Report Snapshots icons



1. The portlet will now appear on your dashboard, click the More Options icon and select Set Up



2. Within the Report Options window, select Items By Sales from the Snapshot dropdown

3. Click Save


Every portlet displayed on your dashboard can be personalized further. The below example shows you how to do this.

1. On the Items By Sales portlet, go to the More Options icon

2. Click Set Up



3. For Default Chart Type select Pie

4. For Date Range select this year

5. For Chart Theme select Colorful

6. Click Save


Your portlet should now look like the below.


Note: The portlets in the iPhone application utilize 1-way synchronization. This means that they display synchronized data, but changes to the portlets on your iPhone will not affect the portlets on your NetSuite web application Dashboard.

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