Allowing Duplicate Transaction Numbers

The Auto-Generated Numbering feature can be switched on or off therefore allowing duplicate numbers to be used for different Transaction types (i.e. Purchase Orders). This article demonstrates how to allow duplicate numbers with a warning.

1. Navigate to the Setup drop down.

2. Click Company.

3. Select Auto-Generated Numbers.

Note: To ensure that duplicate transaction numbers are allowed (with a warning), locate the line relating to the relevant transaction type (for this example we are using the Purchase Order transaction type).

1. Select the Transactions sub tab.

2. Place a check mark in the Allow Override box for the Purchase Order line.

3. Click Save.

1. When entering in a new Purchase Order, you will note that the PO# field is now editable.  You will now have the option to type in an existing Purchase Order number

2. Enter in the item details as normal.

3. Click Save.

The following pop up box will appear if an existing Purchase Order with the same number already exists.

JCurve will provide you with the option to overwrite this by clicking Cancel, or create a new Purchase Order number by clicking OK.

Clicking Cancel will take you to the following screen to confirm your choice.

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