How to Print your ACN on an Invoice

In order to display your ACN (Australian Company Number) on an Invoice you need to create a custom Transaction Body Field.

How to create a custom Transaction Body Field

1. Go to Customization

2. Click Lists, Records & Fields

3. Click Transaction Body Fields

4. Select New

ACN on Invoice 1

5. Enter in a Label. Eg. Australian Company Number

6. Uncheck Store Value

7. Select Type as Free-Form Text

8. Click Save

ACN on Invoice 2

How to locate the PDF Layout to Edit

1. Go to the Transactions drop down

2. Click Sales

3. Select Create Invoices

ACN on Invoice 3

4. At the top of the New Invoice, Click Customise and select Customise Form

ACN on Invoice 4

5. Take note of the form listed in the PDF Layout drop down. In this example for an Invoice, the PDF Layout form being used is Tax Invoice – (Sales Order)

ACN on Invoice 5

Note: You can repeat the same steps on a different form, in order to find out the PDF Layout that is being used.

 How to Edit a PDF Layout

1. Go to Customization

2. Click Forms

3. Select Transaction Form PDF Layouts

ACN on Invoice 6

4. Select Edit adjacent to 1 JCurve Tax Invoice Layout (or your specific form)

ACN on Invoice 7

5. Click Add Custom Element

ACN on Invoice 8

6. Under Choose Element(s) select Australian Company Number

7. Rename the Element Name. eg. ACN

8. Rename the Element Text. eg. ACN: 123 456 789

Note: The text entered here will appear on the Invoice

9. Select OK

ACN on Invoice 9

10. Drag and resize the ACN element on the form in to the desired position

ACN on Invoice 10

11. Click Preview to check how the ACN element will appear on the Invoice

Note: The ACN will only show when viewing an actual Invoice.

ACN on Invoice 11

How to view an Invoice to check the ACN field is displaying correctly

1. Go to the Transactions drop down

2. Click Sales

3. Select Create Invoices

4. Select List

ACN on Invoice 12

5. Click View next to an Invoice

ACN on Invoice 13

6. Click the Print Icon

ACN on Invoice 14

7. Check the ACN prints correctly on your Invoice

ACN on Invoice 15

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