Advanced Partner Centre – Enabling

Advanced Partner Centre (APC) licences give your partners access to a range of lists, reports and transactions. Licences can be purchased in addition to your standard user licenses. Please contact your JCurve Account Manager for licence details. 
See Advanced Partner Centre for further details regarding APC functionality.

Note: The Advanced Partner Centre feature must be enabled first via the below steps:

1. Go to Setup.

2. Select Company.

3. Click Enable Features.

1. Click the Web Presence tab.

2. Check the Partner Access and Advanced Partner Access options.

3. Click Save.

To enable the Advanced Partner Centre functionality, from an Administrator login:

1. Navigate to the Setup drop down.

2. Click Company.

3. Select Enable Features.

1. Click the CRM tab.

2. Check the Partner Relationship Management check box.

3. Click the Save button.

Advanced Partner Centre 3

You can now access the Partner Relationships section to review existing partner records, or set up new ones.

APC users must be set up under Vendors > Other > Partners. These are separate user records all together from the standard Employee records.

1. Navigate to the Lists drop down.

2. Click Relationships.

3. Select Partners.

4. If creating new records, click the New button.

1. After filling in your new partner information, click the System Information tab.

2. You can tick the Give Access check box under this tab to assign your APC license to this partner

3. Click the Save button when finished.

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