Creating an Item Discount

You can create discount items to use on sales transactions. When these items are added, discounts are applied to the items being sold. Using discount items enables you to track discount amounts without affecting inventory valuation.

1. Go to the Lists drop down.

2. Click Accounting.

3. Click Items.

4. Select New.

5. Select Discount.


Primary Information

Ensure the primary item information is filled out here.


On the Accounting sub tab you need to select the General Ledger account (4060 Sales Discounts) and your relevant tax code.

Note: If you select a different account your Business Activity Statement will be incorrect.

Line-item Discounts

When a discount item is applied on a sale, it reduces the line-item amount that precedes the discount item either by a percentage or flat rate. A discount item added in-line is never applied to all items on the transaction.

Tip: In order to apply a discount to all items on a transaction, add a subtotal and then a discount line and the discount will apply to the subtotal.


Transaction Discounts

A discount item can also be used to reduce the total amount of a transaction.

To apply a discount item to a transaction’s total, select the discount item you want to apply in the “Discount Item” field. NetSuite autofills the item’s rate and the transaction’s discounted total. When you have finished adding your discount information, simply save the record.


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