Bulk Export PDF of All Invoices

The below process will help you export your invoices in bulk, into a PDF format.

1. Go to the Home drop down

2. Select Set Preferences

3. Select the General tab

4. Under the Defaults heading, ensure Download PDF Files is checked

5. Click Save

6. Go to Transactions

7. Down to Management

8. Click Print Cheques and Forms

9. Select Invoices

10. Select the correct Invoice Form

11. Ensure the Allow Reprinting box is checked

12. Click Mark All

13. Click Print

How to Add Additional Filters

You can add an additional filter, for example, for Customer Name.

From the Print Invoices screen, click Customise > Additional Filters > Place a Check next to the Name field and click Save.

As you can see below we have filtered to the customer Test Tools Inc.



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