Sending Saved Search Email

If you are an administrator or have at least Create level of the Publish Search permission, you can enable system-generated search email messages on the Email subtab of a saved search page. The saved search email function provides a powerful set of options that can serve multiple purposes.

You can use saved search email to share complete search results with other users, to schedule long-running searches for low usage times, and to alert targeted users about changes to their important records.

You can define whether to send a saved search results email according to a regular schedule, as alerts triggered by record adds or updates, or both. You can specify multiple recipients for both types of email. Recipients can be indicated by user or group name, or derived based on search results field values. For public saved searches, you can designate email alerts as available to users other than specified recipients. You can customize email text and include search results embedded in messages or as attached .csv or .xls files. (Note that CSV is the preferred format because it is the most compact.)

By default, each saved search email is sent from the search owner’s email address. You can set a different default as a company preference, and you can customize the email content for a saved search to define a different sender.

Important: Because of existing email limitations, excessively large search results are truncated before they are sent in email. Emails containing truncated results include a note stating that truncation has occurred. This truncation occurs if an email’s size is greater than 5MB or if the number of result exceeds 10,000 rows. To include the maximum possible data in a search email, send results as CSV, which is the most compact format. Use of other formats causes email size to be larger.
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