Emailing Saved Search Results

Once a saved search has been created, you can choose to have the results emailed to specific recipients or recipients from the saved search results. This feature can be useful in creating email reminders internally, or to send messages to customers or vendors, triggered by the updated records in the system.

To set up your initial saved search:

1. Go to the Reports drop down

2. Go to Saved Searches

3. Go to All Saved Searches

4. Select New

5. Select the type of records you would like included in your saved search, eg. “Transaction” records

Email SS Results 1

1. Enter a custom title for your saved search (if you need to access it in future, it will be listed under this title in the “All Saved Searches” menu option)

2. Go to the Criteria tab

3. Select your filters for your saved search, e.g. you may like to filter your results by transactions after a certain date. Note: More specific filter options can be found at the bottom of the drop down box, under the particular transaction’s fields. Selecting “Purchase Order Fields” for example will provide a secondary pop up box will all PO related fields to choose from

Email SS Results 2

1. Go to the Results tab

2. You can specify by which fields your saved search results will be sorted

3. You can use the Remove All button to remove the default results fields and start afresh

4. Add any new fields by using the drop down box here

5. Click the Add button after adding any new fields

Email SS Results 3

1. Click the Email tab to see all emailing options for your saved search. Note: you can click the Save button in the top left at any point, once you have sufficient emailing options completed

2. Send Email Alerts When Records Are Created/Updated will only send results upon changes to records, e.g. changing the status of a PO or Sales Order

3. Send Email According to Schedule will allow for further scheduling options, e.g. if you want the results to be emailed to someone every day/week, etc. Keep the Summarize Scheduled Email option ticked, to ensure the email being received is one email with all records included. If unticked, they would receive one email per individual record, e.g. one email per PO or Sales Order. The Send if No Results option should be unticked, unless you want the email to be received even when there are no results

4. Go to the Specific Recipients sub-tab if you want the email to be sent to particular people every time

5. Add your recipients from the drop down box

6. Click Add to ensure the recipient is added

Email SS Results 4

1. Go to the Recipients from Results sub-tab if you want the email to be sent to contacts taken from the search results

2. Add your recipients from the drop down box

3. Click Add to ensure the recipient is added

Email SS Results 5

1. The Updated Fields sub-tab will work with the “Send Email Alerts When Records Are Changed/Updated” option

2. You can select specific fields from your saved search which will trigger the email alert to be sent. You can also set specific old & new values if needed

3. Click Add to ensure the recipient is added

Email SS Results 6

1. Use the Customise Message sub-tab will allow you to set up the email messages which are sent to the recipients

2. Your From, Subject and Introduction (a short text message which displays in the email body, before the results) can be customised here

3. The Single-Record Results Insert Field can be used to place a particular record result from your saved search into the body of the email, e.g. Hi, “customername”

4. Enter any specific text you would like to appear in the email here. You can also use the “HTML” button in this section to enter HTML code if needed

5. Select whether you would like the saved search results included in the email as text, or to send it as an attachment with the email

Email SS Results 7

1. Select the Schedule sub-tab to set up your scheduling options, which work when the “Send Emails According to Schedule” option is enabled. This allows you to specify the results to be send daily, weekly, monthly, etc, with end dates able to be set and a particular send time

2. Click the Save button to put the saved search with emailing capabilities into place

Email SS Results 8

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