Reports – Inventory Activity Showing Stock Movements

When reporting on your inventory, you can customise your reports to add a running inventory balance figure.

To customise your report:

1. Go to the Reports drop down

2. Select Reports Overview

1. Next to the Inventory Activity Detail report link, click the Customise link

1. Set a custom name for your report

2. Select the Qty column, if not selected already

3. Tick the Add Running Balance Column checkbox

4. Click Save


Note: You can also add filters to your report using the below method:

1. Click the Filters link

2. Select your filter from the Add Fields section

3. Set the filter values, e.g. Is Serialised Item equal to true in the below example would return only serialised items in the results

4. Click Save


Your report will now be displayed, including the running balance column.

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