How to Create a Graph from a Report

This article will demonstrate how to customise the standard Sales By Item Report to include a running history of sales by items and publish this on your dashboard in a graph.  This can be applied to any report used within your business.
Customising the Sales by Item Report:
  1. Go to Reports
  2. Navigate down to Sales
  3. Across to Sales by Item
  4. Click Customise Summary

Sales by Item 1


  1. Next, give the report a Name
  2. Click on Save and Create Snapshot

Sales by Item 2


  1. Next, give the snapshot a Name

Sales by Item 3


  1. Navigate to the List subtab
  2. Check the Narrow Portlet and Wide Portlet checkboxes that correspond to Item and Quantity Sold

Sales by Item 4

  1. Next, navigate to the Graph subtab
  2. Confirm that Item Type has populated correctly into the X AXIS field.  If not, open the drop-down menu and manually select this
  3. Confirm that Qty. Sold has populated correctly into the Y AXIS field.  If not, open the drop-down menu and manually select this
  4. Click Save

Sales by Item 5


Adding the report to your Dashboard:
  1. Go to Home
  2. Navigate to Dashboard
  3. Click on the Personalise link
  4. Click Report Snapshot
  5. Click on one of the Report Snapshots icons to add the report portlet to your Dashboard

Sales by Item 6


  1. Click Home to return to your dashboard and locate the new portlet
  2. Click on the Portlet Settings icon
  3. Click Set Up


Sales by Item 7

  1. Select the snapshot just created in the Snapshot Drop-down
  2. Set the Display Type to Graph
  3. Click Save

Sales by Item 8

The portlet will now show you your custom Sales by Item in a graph. You can set the date in the Date dropdown provided on the portlet.

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