Customising a PDF Invoice

Your PDF transactions such as invoices can be customised to add, reposition and resize different fields, text, etc.

To customise a PDF invoice transaction:

First, take note of the current form you are using when creating invoice. Either edit an existing invoice, or create a new invoice and look at the Custom Form field. You can also see the different invoice forms available using this drop down.

Custom PDF Invoice

You can now customise the form currently in use:

1. Go to Customisation

2. Go to Forms

3. Select Transaction Form PDF Layouts

4. Use the Edit or Customise link to the left of your desired form

Custom PDF Invoice 2

The following will show you how to add a static text element, such as your bank account details, to your PDF invoices:

1. You can rename the invoice form here if needed, helping to keep your own customised form separate to the standard forms

2. Click the Add Custom Element button to add some new information to your form

3. Enter an Element Name – this is what is will be named if you want to add this same element to other forms in the future

4. Enter your Element Text here – this is what will appear in the field when it prints out on the PDF invoice

5. You can choose to Show Label by ticking this checkbox – this will display the Element Name above your Element Text on the printed PDF invoice

6. Click OK to save your new element

Custom PDF Invoice 3

1. You can now resize the element using the bottom right hand icon, drag it to reposition, or edit again by using the pencil icon. You can do the same with the other elements on your form, to ensure everything fits correctly

2. You can also manually adjust the element properties here, such as the fonts used and whether borders are shown

3. When you’re finished editing your form, click the Save button

Custom PDF Invoice 4

When generating your invoices using this form, they will now display your customised elements

Custom PDF Invoice 5

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