Creating an Invoice

An invoice is a record of sale to a customer. The invoice establishes an obligation on the part of the purchaser to pay, creating an account receivable.

Each invoice consists of line-items and their sales amounts. You can record sales on invoices by adding each item sold from your items list. The sum of all sales amounts on an invoice equals the total amount the customer owes.

To Enter an Invoice:
  1. Go to the Transactions drop down
  2. Go to Sales
  3. Select Create Invoices


From the invoice transaction, ensure the below information is populated.

Primary Information:
  1. Enter or select a Customer from the drop down menu
  2. When creating an invoice from the Sales Order, items are carried over. If creating a new invoice independently, select the relevant Items from drop down menu
  3. Ensure you click Add after entering items
  4. Click the Save button

Note: Shipping and Billing options can also be selected prior to saving, as described in the following sections.


  1. Select the Shipping Carrier for the order


  1. Select the Terms for the order


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