Paying Bills – Manual Method vs EFT Method

You are able to make payments following two different menu items. Your decision depends on whether you are paying by a manual method, or by using the EFT method. This article helps distinguish between the two.

If you have tried to pay a supplier using EFT method and – after confirming the pay process was successful – have not found a reference to the ABA output file, instead of paying your bills this way:

Steps for a Manual Payment (non EFT method):

 Transactions tab -> Purchases/Vendors -> Pay Bills

Steps for Electronic bill payments (EFT method):

Payments tab -> Payment Processing -> Bill Payment Processing

On completion of the EFT-specific process, you are able to view the ABA output file by navigating to:

Payments tab -> Payment Processing -> Payment File Administration

Within this screen, you will see the File Reference field in the first column, which gives you a download link to the ABA file.

Simply click on this and choose a place on your hard drive to store the file.

From here you can review the file if necessary before uploading it to your bank-specific process.

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