Standard Projects vs Advanced Projects

Use project records to organize your resources and manage the time required to complete tasks for company projects.
Note: You must be on NetSuite Limited or NetSuite Mid Market in order to upgrade to the Advanced Projects module.

Standard Projects are used to track projects independently from customers including activities, time tracking, and billing.

Advanced Projects are used to track projects during your sales process, define and manage project plans, assign resources, and integrate project activity into your order-to-cash process.

Functionality Standard Projects Advanced Projects
Projects and customers are managed in separate lists of records Yes Yes
Auto-generated numbering creates separate sequences for projects and customers Yes Yes
Tag a service item record to create a project when sold No Yes
Group tasks as work tasks or summary tasks No Yes
Identify project tasks on project records Yes Yes
Identify project tasks on service item records No Yes
Assign project tasks to employees for completion Yes Yes
Assign project tasks to vendors and other resources for completion No Yes
Restrict time entry to assigned resources No Yes
Identify tasks as milestones for billing No Yes
Log time against projects Yes Yes
Track the percentage of completion as time worked is logged on projects Yes Yes
Enter a percent-complete override No Yes
Track CRM information such as activities and communication for each project Yes Yes
Track project expenditures, such as billable time and items Yes Yes
Enter an estimated cost complete override No Yes
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