Payroll Security & Access

All Payroll related fields and records have permissions applied to them. Only an Administrator or JCurve Payroll Admin should be able to see fields, view records or run reports that are Payroll related.

A JCurve Payroll Centre tab is bundled into Classic Centre for use by Administrators.

You should ensure that this Tab is only available to the Administrator role as other users may also have Classic Centre. The below example shows the Payroll Tab in place.


Follow the below steps to check who has access to the JCurve Payroll Centre tab:

1. Go to the Customization drop down.

2. Click Centers and Tabs.

3. Click Center Tabs.

4. Click Edit adjacent to JCurve Payroll (Bundle ID 16575).


5. Select the Audience sub tab.

You can now check to ensure only the required Employees & Roles have access.


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