Show Time in Lieu, LSL and Annual on Payslip PDFs

By default, time in lieu, long service leave and annual leave accrual are not displayed on payslip PDFs. To enable these, follow the steps below.

Firstly go to your Payroll Configuration Setup Wizard to confirm the payslip template you’re currently using. You can access this from the Payroll Admin tab > Payroll Setup > Configuration Wizard.

1. Click Basic section.

2. Check the Payslip Template which is set up here.


1. Search for the name of the payslip template in your Global Search box.

2. On the record, click the Edit button.

Note: if you do not want to change the standard template click More Actions and then Make Copy.


1. Add the following text under the Annual Leave Balance (hours) line, depending on your requirements for displaying these leave balances:

<br />

Annual Leave Balance (hours): ${leave.annual.accrued}

<br />

Time In Lieu Balance (hours): ${leave.inlieu.accrued}

<br />

Long Service Leave Available (hours): ${leave.longservice.available}

2. Click Save


When you now run your payrun, the payslip PDF will contain the Time in Lieu Accrued within the header, underneath the Annual Leave Balance.

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