Payroll – How To Enter Time In Lieu (TIL)

The payroll module allows you to process Time In Lieu transactions for employees. This article shows you how to enter those transactions.

Whether you are wanting to record the accruing or taking of Time In Lieu for an employee, both are entered within the employee record. Here’s how:

Go to the employee record of the person you want to record TIL for.

1. Click the Leave Info tab and you will see sub tabs appear in the bottom left.

2. Click on the Leave History Record sub tab.

3. Click New Leave History Record button.

Note: This is where you can make any adjustment to any of the leave totals as you need to, including Annual Leave, Long Service Leave, etc.


For your TIL query, set the following details:

4. Leave type = Time In Lieu Accrual

5. Accrual TypeAccrual (to increase the total), or Taken (to decrease the total).

6. Hours = The number of hours that the total will be adjusted by (This is always a positive number).

7. Set the appropriate Pay Date, so this entry will appear in the correct payrun.

8. Set the appropriate Start Date. so this entry will appear in the correct payrun.

9.  Set the appropriate End Date. so this entry will appear in the correct payrun.

10. Use the Memo Field to add a description, eg. “Working on Project ABC on Saturday”.

11. Click Save.


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