Payroll – Adjustment Run with Shift Work Differences

Some employees earn different shift work overtime rates. If you have paid them incorrectly and need to adjust this follow the below steps.

1. The adjustment payrun needs to be run on the same start and end period dates as the standard pay period dates. This will ensure the tax is calculated according to what has already been paid on the initial payrun.

2. Untick the Accrue Leave box.

3. Tick the Use Period Data box.

4. Tick the Skip Pay Components box (otherwise their normal hours would be included).

5. Tick the employees to be included in this adjustment run then click Submit.

6. On the Enter Employee Time screen click the Skip button.

7. If there are any variables ensure these are skipped (Variables screen will display at this stage if they exist).

8. On the Process Payslips screen click the Enter One Off Payments button.

9. Select the employee and the Afternoon Shift sub-type. Enter -8 Qty at $1.25

10. Add another line selecting the same employee and add Night Shift sub-type of +8 at $2.50

11. Submit, then you will be able to process the payslip from here as normal and go through to your adjustment payrun.

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