Pay Component Issues

If you find you are missing buttons or options within any Pay Component forms (including Pay Component Type forms and Pay Component Sub Type forms), this article will show you how to remove any customised forms to restore the standard payroll-provided forms.

Unless you know what you are doing, and have a specific need for doing so, you really shouldn’t be modifying payroll-related forms. You can get away with light modifications, such as field rearrangements, field renaming or adding a new field. Anything more than that and you’re probably trying to do something that the payroll system wasn’t designed to do, which could introduce complications from miscalculations of super and tax.

Is something you would consider standard missing from the form ?

Normally, you would attempt to change the custom form your record uses to display to your data to the screen.

Sometimes you are not able to change the custom form you are viewing a record from, because the form has been saved with the record – an option that should be discouraged unless you know exactly why you would want to do this.

To restore the record view back to the way the payroll people wanted you to use the system, an administrator can do the following:

- Navigate to the Customisation tab, then Lists, Records & Fields, then click on Record Types.

SS - record types

- Scroll down the records list and find the record type called Pay Component.

Note: The same can be done with Pay Component Types and Pay Component Sub Types.

Click on this to load the record type.

SS - record types 2

- Click on the Forms subtab to see all of the Pay Component forms.

SS - record types 3


  • Any rows that have an Edit option in the Edit column, are user-customised forms that have beenmodified after installation.
  • Any rows that have a Customise option in the Edit column, are standard forms that were delivered with the payroll module.

To remove any user-customised forms that you are having issues with, simply click on Edit and then go to Actions, and then click Delete and OK.

SS - record types 4

Note: If you end up deleting a form that previously was the Preferred form, you don’t need to set a new preferred form. The standard forms will be used as the defaults unless you specifically customise a form and make them preferred instead, or if you click the “Store form with record” option, which is not a suggested option to use.

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